Subject Matter Focus In this unit students learn about adeliepenguin.jpg

  • Patterns of human involvement and use of environments.

  • Effects of human and natural changes on environments.

  • Ecologically sustainable development of environments.

  • Different perspectives about the maintenance and improvement of environments.

  • Case studies of selected natural or built heritage sites in the world.

Implications for learning In this unit, students have opportunities to:

  • Locate features on world maps, including political boundaries, latitude and longitude, major cities.

  • Explore changes that occur in environmental areas, incorporating a case study.

  • Clarify and reflect on various perspectives about environmental use, including negative aspects.

  • Acquire information about the needs of other areas of the world and about how Australia can assist.

  • Discuss and draw conclusions about the criteria for exemplary global interaction.

Literacy Notes

This unit provides opportunities for students to explore expositions (presenting a position on a particular development in the Antarctic).
The HSIE teaching strategies/practices in this unit include mapping, categorising, concept maps, retrieval charts and timelines.
Links with Other Key Learning Areas
English: The structure and language features of the text types students create and interpret.
Science and Technology: Content from the Earth and Its Surroundings, Living Things and Products and Services strands.
The ‘Environmental Matters’ unit could be adapted to this topic.
Mathematics: Gathering statistics and graphing changes in the Antarctic.
The Board’s website ( lists current available resources such as some selected fact sheets, websites, texts and other material to support this unit.
Tourist and government brochures and posters about the Antarctic.
Relevant government departments, to organise a speaker who has some contact with the Antarctic.
NASA runs occasional teleconferences for students about Antarctic workers. Refer to Internet address:
Websites such as:
Newspapers, for the latest references to the Antarctic and for archival materials, eg Sydney Morning Herald CD-ROM.

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