By the end of your investigation on the Antarctic, you and your partner will have to create a brochure about what you have gathered in your research.

Strand: Human Society and Its Environment (HSIE)
Sub-strand: Environments
Outcomes and Indicators

ENS3.6 Explains how various beliefs and practices influence the ways in which people interact with, change and value their environment.
  • examines factors that may give rise to different views about the care of places.
  • evaluates alternative views about the use of natural and built environments.
  • examines how natural, cultural, religious, historical, economic and political factors can influence people‚Äôs interactions with environments.
  • identifies the different viewpoints of groups and individuals about uses of land.
  • examines issues associated with differing values about natural and built environments, using a variety of sources, including the media.
  • expresses a personal point of view on an environmental issue and provides supporting evidence.
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